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Tips for Improving Software Performance and Scalability

Tips for Improving Software Performance and Scalability

Is your application in dire need of an update? With operating systems becoming more advanced and offering better app usability, ensuring our software performance and scalability are up to par is more important than ever. So, how exactly can we keep our custom software relevant? Here are some things to consider when an opportunity to upgrade or enhance our applications presents itself.

Use APIs

App usability is essential, but so is usability across different interfaces. Imagine how frustrated customers might be if they can only access our software on their smartphones but not on their laptops. A simple answer to this problem is an application programming interface (API). APIs ensure everything is synced and performance is at the same level across different interfaces. The best APIs should operate seamlessly and provide a quality user experience.

API capabilities not only extend accessibility across different devices but also allow teams to be agile as new technologies continue to emerge. For example, Generative AI offers many opportunities to enhance our work, whether inspiring new ideas or evaluating code. APIs make it possible for us to incorporate AI into our workflows. But it's not just ChatGPT; it's other third-party applications and cloud services like calendars, email clients, CRMs, geo-coding and routing utilities, etc.

Check Performance Regularly

Because we're committed to scalability, we make every effort to avoid technical debt. Technical debt occurs when we use shortcuts or temporary solutions to fix our software rather than making the time to implement a proper and sustainable solution.

We must also evaluate factors such as the number of users at any given time and processing rates. For example, if our mobile applications aren't responding promptly based on the current usage and available capacity, the responsiveness will degrade as we increase the workload. We suggest establishing thresholds for adequate processing and reacting accordingly before reaching the limit.

Switch to Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an excellent solution to free up resources within our internal infrastructure. We can ensure all our applications are built to scale without worrying about running out of capacity. For instance, if we have a project tracking application, we can store the various files and large amounts of data in the cloud so we won't have to delete or move anything to free up space later.

Developers can conveniently create custom apps in the cloud with FileMaker Pro and deploy them in virtually a single step via FileMaker Cloud. FileMaker Cloud services provide top-notch security within an easy-to-use interface. It also offers options for creators to manage admin tasks through REST API to streamline and automate their operational and compliance workflows. Furthermore, Claris strategically distributes the applications within their network according to user location to optimize speed and performance.

Try Microservices

Consider a microservices architecture when the time comes to rebuild the application. The software components are interdependent within a monolithic system, so making changes or updates in one area will affect others. It's best to break each service into independent manageable parts or microservices that we can easily deploy, modify, or scale as needed.  

Although, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. APIs can come in handy here. Instead of creating a microservice component, you can connect to an existing service that effectively performs the function. It's usually faster to integrate a function than it is to build it, so it speeds up development.

Evaluate Finances

We have to look at our financial stability before scaling up our software. Let's ensure we have the right amount of money set aside to account for any incremental costs we may encounter.

The Support Group has been developing all kinds of custom applications for forty years. Our team of experienced and professional certified FileMaker developers would be happy to discuss your needs during a free initial consultation. From there, we can determine the best course of action: a system audit, development services, or our Sapphire maintenance plan for ad hoc support, etc. We work with you to design a solution to suit your requirements and budget.

Optimize Software Performance and Scalability 

Software performance and scalability are vital when you consider the market competition. With these tips, you can ensure your custom apps are on the same level as your competitors.

Are you ready to begin your journey into app usability and software scalability for your custom applications? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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