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FileMaker 19.3 Release Highlights

A couple of weeks ago, Claris released a new version of their FileMaker platform, FileMaker 19.3. Claris has been working hard over the last year, since the release of FileMaker 19, to modernize and simplify the FileMaker user experience. The Quick Start experience is a big step toward easing users into the FileMaker platform. In addition, the features in this release help expand user capabilities in terms of deployment, security, and emerging technologies.

There are a few specific changes that we would like to highlight:

  1. Ubuntu server version
  2. Microsoft Edge web viewer
  3. Apple M1 native compatibility
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Choosing a Platform: Low-Code Development vs. No-Code Development

Software development has come a long way in the last few decades. In the early days, computers were programmed using machine code or an assembler, which required dozens of instructions to perform even the most straightforward task, such as displaying text on the screen.

As computers became more human-friendly, those low-level programming languages were replaced with more human-readable ones such as C, and later even higher level, meaning more abstract, languages such as BASIC. These are known as high-level programming languages because more steps are required to translate the code into machine-readable instructions.

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