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Running Totals in a Portal

Reader Deborah wites:

I want to get running totals or summaries in my portal rows for number fields. Also, I want my portal rows to show a row number in a “self” relationship portal (I tried the Get(PortalRowNumber) function and could not get it to work). Hope that you can help. Thanks!
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Combinations: Turn Multiple Values into Records

This article originally appeared in our old Get ( Answers ) newsletter.  I recently heard again from Marcelo, announcing his new consulting company and FileMaker 11 certification (congrats!), and thought I should update this.  With some new features introduced in FileMaker 10, this technique is even easier to implement.

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Why Use FileMaker? Total Cost of Ownership and ROI

Is FileMaker better than other popular environments like MS SQL Server, Oracle Database Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Enterprise Edition?

Check out the free white paper from FileMaker, Inc., Supercharging Return on Investment with Rapid Application Development Tools - Total Cost of Ownership.  It details just how much better FileMaker Pro is than those other competing platforms in two critical areas: Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.

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