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Search and Replace Regular Expressions in Google App Maker

Although Google App Maker is a great example of a “low-code” development platform, it isn’t exactly a “no-code” platform. To really leverage the potential power of Google App Maker, you need to roll up your sleeves and write some code. Luckily the code of choice for Google App Maker is JavaScript, one of the most widely used and well-documented languages out there. JavaScript is the language that web browsers use to execute most website workflows, so it only makes sense that Google App Maker would use it too. Even though JavaScript is one of the more approachable languages available, it's still a deep and varied subject that will require a book to explore completely. Having said that, there are some aspects of JavaScript that you will most likely find useful in Google App Maker, specifically when it's combined with another tool called regular expressions (regex).

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How FileMaker Naming Styles Improve Development

There are different factors that contribute to a successful custom application. Of course, function is important, but even if the app does exactly what users need it to do, users may not necessarily like it if it's difficult to use due to poor legibility, navigability, responsiveness, etc.

FileMaker, the Workplace Innovation Platform, helps to speed up custom app development, right down to the smallest detail, including design styles. The user interface has a huge impact on user experience. A well-designed interface generally equates to a positive experience. Developers must ensure that they use appropriate and consistent fonts, sizes, colors, images, layouts, and so forth within their applications. They can simply accomplish this by creating custom styles for the apps they design.

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Education Enrollment Custom App for The West Side Montessori School

The West Side Montessori School (WSMS) has been offering a Montessori program for early learners since 1963. The school has grown from fifteen students to over one hundred and they also offer a teacher education program (WSMS-TEP) for adult learners training to become Montessori teachers. Based on the Upper West Side of New York City, they also have locations in New Jersey and Beijing China. In 2015, they renovated part of the children’s gymnasium into an adult learning space for their WSMS-TEP students. Needless to say, growth and development are important to the founders, faculty and students, both young and young at heart. And so we knew a Workplace Innovation Platform, like FileMaker, would facilitate that growth.

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