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Tips for Improving Software Performance and Scalability

Is your application in dire need of an update? With operating systems becoming more advanced and offering better app usability, ensuring our software performance and scalability are up to par is more important than ever. So, how exactly can we keep our custom software relevant? Here are some things to consider when an opportunity to upgrade or enhance our applications presents itself.

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FileMaker 2023: Layout Calculation


Layout Calculations allow for calculations in text objects, but this feature has a few nuances. 

  • Removes the need for extra fields or scripts or layout objects simply for display
  • Need to have version 20.3 or greater of FileMaker client
  • Works for labels of regular buttons
  • Use fully qualified field names so the calculation refreshes properly
  • Can set data format so the formatting of text field works

The Support Group has been using FileMaker to provide solutions for clients for almost forty years, and for more than half of those years, we've been advocating for the layout calculations feature. So, we are very excited about its release. 

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