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FileMaker Cyber Security Features

With all the recent ransomware events in the news, it's clear that we need to protect our servers and apps from eyes and ears that aren't our own. To that end, let's review some of the ways bad actors find ways to access our FileMaker data. We'll also highlight the FileMaker cyber security features that Claris provides to help us defend ourselves against attacks.

Before we get started, let's explain what ransomware is. A ransomware attack occurs when a hacker hijacks a data source and then requires payment before they'll release it. In the age of cryptocurrency, this type of cyber threat is easily facilitated because of the exchange's inherent anonymity and virtual impregnability. Unfortunately, the Colonial Pipeline outcome is an exception, not the rule. Therefore, it's improbable that there will be little to no financial consequence in a ransomware attack.

To that end, we, as keepers of personal and sensitive data, need to do our best to protect it. There are some very sophisticated techniques out there to secure our databases. Claris recognizes this and offers several defense features for non-technical and highly technical users alike.

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean For Teams and SME's?

Is your business taking full advantage of the digital transformation revolution?

Did you know that 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place? Or that over the past few years, 40% of business spending went to adopting technology?

Over half of startups have embraced a digital strategy. However, many small and medium business owners have not yet implemented their plans in full.

This article explains what digital transformation is and how it can benefit your company.

Read on to learn why the "fourth industrial revolution" is helping businesses to improve efficiency and cut costs. We also identify the types of technology that will build the foundation for the next decade.

You'll discover how to move away from unproductive practices and build your own custom apps without writing code.

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