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FileMaker 2023: OnWindowTransaction Script Trigger

FileMaker 2023 includes several useful new features, like Perform Script On Server with Callback. Another noteworthy feature we want to explore is a new script trigger, OnWindowTransaction. We can find this script trigger within the list of script triggers that appear within the File Options selection of the active FileMaker file.

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FileMaker 2023: Perform Script On Server with Callback

Claris has departed from the tradition of sequentially numbering its product releases. They decided to use the year of the release in the name of their latest release – FileMaker 2023. Yet, a word to the wise, while the name of the software is FileMaker 2023, the version number internally to the software is FileMaker 20.x.x.  

Claris FileMaker 2023 includes many new features. The Perform Script On Server with Callback (PSOSWC) function is arguably the most exciting new script function we've seen in years.

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