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Case Study: Custom Incident Management Software

Case Study: Custom Incident Management Software

Executive Summary

Security is an essential aspect of community development. We can reasonably expect disturbances to occur, but we also want to ensure that actions are taken to investigate and remediate those activities. And that all starts with useful and reliable incident management software that is used to track, monitor, and report events. Easy-to-use, accessible, and customizable are just some of the qualities of a suitable incident management system.

Read this case study to learn how a custom incident management system can improve operational efficiency, even when regulations and requirements frequently change.

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The Scenario

An agency tasked with protecting vulnerable citizens needed a new system to track activities that threaten their safety. Their legacy system made it cumbersome to enter incidents accurately and efficiently. Reliable reporting was another pain point for users and stakeholders. This system was probably considered cutting-edge at some point in time, but as new technologies emerged, it just became antiquated. Eventually, it became impossible to maintain and implement best practices.


The Challenges 

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  • Allow a third-party vendor to quickly and accurately enter incident reports from concerned citizens around the clock and have that data flow into the organization's central database for later investigation.
  • Create a simple and organized interface that allows the case managers and investigators to track, update and manage reported incidents, victims, witnesses, and alleged perpetrators.
  • Enter and store data in such a way that allows reporting to be accessible in preconfigured workflows as well as on an ad hoc basis.
  • Design the overall system to accommodate data streams that constantly change to satisfy current and future statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Solution

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  • Create a custom web-based solution that the customer's third-party vendor can use to quickly and correctly enter the specific details related to the reported incident.
  • Design a data model that houses all the complex and related data to provide timely and accurate reporting.
  • Create an intuitive and responsive workspace for the management and investigation of reported incidents against vulnerable citizens. This dynamic interface allows the users to search for any combination of data points.
  • Integrate the systems with other regulatory systems, so that information that might be useful for other related organizations can be securely shared.

Some technologies used 

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Server

The Results case study results icon

  • No more missed opportunities to protect the vulnerable adults in the community by sharing data about offenders across all the appropriate agencies.
  • Lay the proper database foundation to help ensure that as new requirements and regulations become law, the agency will be able to implement them.
  • Reports are fast and easy to run and can be continually modified to meet new needs within acceptable timelines.

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