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FileMaker Trivia: How Well Do You Know FileMaker?

At The Support Group, we enjoy developing custom business applications for our clients. But we really like having fun! In the spirit of fun, we created a FileMaker trivia app so that all you FileMaker developers (and fanatics) can test your FileMaker knowledge.

We decided to pool some random information we know about FileMaker into an app to see how many other fellow FileMaker developers are full of random information. This quiz is nothing like the FileMaker certification exam! The questions focus more on FileMaker as a company as opposed to how to use the product. Hopefully, you'll learn something new and maybe brag about your scores among your colleagues and friends.

Valuable Lesson

After putting this trivia app together, we developed a deeper appreciation for FileMaker, Inc. The longevity, adaptability and consistency of the company are clearly reflected in its products.

The release of FileMaker 17 demonstrates an evolutionary change with the product and solidifies FileMaker's place among Workplace Innovation Platforms. The individual FileMaker desktop (FileMaker Pro), mobile (FileMaker Go) and web (FileMaker WebDirect) products were consolidated into one powerful program aptly called the FileMaker Platform. So now users have access to a variety of advanced features right out of the box.

But the features of FileMaker 17 don't end there. The latest software includes functions that allow developers to create modern and sophisticated custom applications in virtually no time such as:

  • Master-detail layouts
  • Custom variables on the fly
  • Multiple file exports

And there have been improvements to the Layout Mode UI, FileMaker Data Migration Tool and the admin console within FileMaker Server. Learn more about these new features.

The FileMaker Platform can be leveraged in many different ways to accomplish many different types of tasks, including surveys and quizzes – like our trivia app.

If you're looking for more ways to have productive fun with FileMaker, check out a few of the games we've created. Please note, you will need FileMaker 16 or higher in order to play the games as they utilize the Cards feature, which was introduced with FileMaker 16.

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Test your FileMaker IQ


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