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How We Run Our Business with a FileMaker and HubSpot Integration

As you may know, The Support Group has been offering FileMaker consulting services for over 30 years. So when it came to finding the best software platform to run nearly every aspect of our business, where did we turn? To the FileMaker Platform, of course!

We needed a framework for tracking our sales leads and customers, managing our projects, invoicing our production plus layers and layers of reporting. Our Vice President of Technology, Vince Dolan, was given the herculean task of architecting and building the system we affectionately call, Harry.  The name was inspired by a dog from the animated television series, Stanley.

Harry is where we store everything. Need to check your paid time off? Look in Harry. Need to send an email blast to our clients? Import the client list from Harry. Time to submit your expense report? Enter it in Harry. Need to see how far under budget we are on a project? Take a look in Harry. You get the idea.

How Harry Met HubSpot

We're currently working on integrating Harry and HubSpot, our content management system. There isn't a native FileMaker integration so we created a system of API calls to share data between the two systems. This not only expands the data we store, but it gives our users options as far as what interface they prefer to use.

  • HubSpot helps us to organize and optimize our content strategy so that we publish useful information on a regular basis.
  • Harry is our primary customer relationship management tool, but the data in HubSpot complements the general contact information we collect about our prospects and our customers. We use this detailed information to guide our business development strategies and activities.
  • Both Harry and HubSpot allow us to make more informed marketing decisions and coordinate our marketing efforts rather seamlessly and automatically. 

As we explore new FileMaker Platform features and integrations, we'll give you a peek into the solution that we built to specifically fit our business needs. We believe so strongly in the power of the FileMaker Platform that we leverage it to manage our organization more efficiently and effectively than ever before. We’re just woof-woof about Harry!

Learn more about some of the custom software development services that we've provided for our clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss the services we provide and schedule a free initial consultation.

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