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Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your FileMaker Consultant

Updated: Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your FileMaker Consultant

Six years ago we created and shared a white paper titled Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your FileMaker Consultant. We thought it would be helpful to update the information within the paper since many of our readers continue to express interest in the topic.

Download this white paper if you’re looking to hire a FileMaker consultant to:

  • Add new features to your FileMaker platform
  • Improve an existing FileMaker system
  • Or build a whole new FileMaker solution

You've made the decision to invest in FileMaker Pro and of course, you want to make the most of your investment. If you don't have the time or skills to optimize your FileMaker solution, you will likely look to hire a FileMaker consultant. Selecting the right FileMaker consultant is critical to saving you time and money.

This complimentary white paper highlights the most important attributes and qualifications of top-tier FileMaker consultants so that you can easily evaluate proposals and make an informed and confident decision. We’ve identified six specific questions you need to ask in order to gain valuable insight into a prospective FileMaker consultant’s competence and business practices. We'll explain the various FileMaker certifications and programs for developers as well as describe the different organizational and pricing structures for consultants. The answers to these questions will give you the assurance that your FileMaker developer has both the expertise and the experience to support your FileMaker requirements — now and in the future.

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