A Few of our custom App success stories


Let's face it, One size does not fit all when it comes to business applications

It's hard to find off-the-shelf business solutions that meet your very specific business needs. We've helped thousands of clients build custom desktop, mobile and web business applications and when you're ready we can help you too! 

If you're looking for a FileMaker consultant to help build or enhance your applications, make sure you know the questions to ask and the criteria to be aware of as you evaluate prospects. Review the Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your FileMaker Consultant.


Star_Icon EcoAmericas: A Custom Non-Profit Website Video_Icon


  • Content management
  • e-Commerce administration
Star_Icon New York University Tisch School of the Arts Video_Icon


  • Schedule resources effectively
  • Improve data entry and quality
  • Extend mobile capabilities
Star_Icon Keyes North Atlantic Video_Icon


  • Track inventory
  • Manage schedules and services
  • Automate time tracking
Star_Icon.png West Side Montessori School West Side Montessori School customer success video


  • Optimize data entry and storage
  • Minimize administrative tasks
  • Maximize user autonomy
Star_Icon.png UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY University of California Berkeley customer success video


  • Manage event logistics
  • Empower users
Star_IconGLOSS STUDIO Gloss Studio customer success video


  • Organize electronic communications
  • Improve time tracking and reporting
Star_Icon.png RideKleen Ridekleen customer success video


  • Manage customers
  • Manage schedules and services
  • Improve reporting capabilities
Star_Icon.pngFAMILY LIVES Family Lives customer success video


  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce paper
  • Eliminate redundant workflows
Star_Icon.png NEBRASKA FOREST SERVICE Nebraska Forest Services customer success video


Contacts & Event Management
  • Organize and manage data across various functional groups
  • Plan and execute workshops and other events

Report Module

  • Record and pinpoint wildfire activity
  • Summarize reported wildfires over time
Star_Icon.png SCIENTIFIC SPECIALTIES Scientific Specialties customer success video


  • Save manufacturing time, effort and waste
  • Produce better products faster
  • Minimize IT involvement
Star_Icon.pngFileMaker Go Creates Better Ways to Work
  • Brief overviews of FileMaker Go applications