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12 signs you should invest in custom business application

12 Signs You Should Invest in a Custom Business Application

The thought of actually building your own custom business application might sound impossible. We get it, it's an investment, not just from a financial perspective, but it also involves a good deal of your attention and time. However, most of the easily automated tasks that you do regularly can save you time and money when you perform those workflows with a custom app.

These are some of the signs that a custom business application might improve your business productivity and profitability.

  • You run your business on a series of Excel sheets that someone has to painstakingly keep updated every day. 
  • You spend hours a day manually organizing your data so others can do their work.
  • You spend more time "shuffling paper" than getting work done.
  • You spend more time working in your business than on your business. 
  • Producing reports for management decisions takes hours of repetitive work every week.
  • You are tired of off-the-shelf products that don’t conform to your unique needs. 
  • You have to modify your business to fit your software.
  • You keep wondering if software could help automate your workflow. 
  • You have repetitive tasks that can be automated with rules but have not yet purchased technology to manage them. 
  • You have to use different tools/software to get the functionality you need.
  • You need a central platform to connect all the different software services you currently use. 
  • You are spending way too much in annual fees to keep your business solution up and running.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, a custom business app might be the right solution for you. At least consider it; see how other organizations leverage the FileMaker platform to improve their business operations.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We offer an initial free consultation so there's really nothing to lose.

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