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You've taken the plunge and purchased the FileMaker Platform software and now you're eager to build your own custom app. But where do you start? If you're completely new to the world of FileMaker, training might be the best place to start. Or, is it?

FileMaker, Inc. certainly offers a variety of support resources as do their partners, but we all learn and process information differently because we all have different experiences and expertise. The resounding theme of the FileMaker Platform is customization so it's reasonable for users to expect personalized support. We thought now was as good a time as any to offer a FileMaker support assessment. This is not like the FileMaker certification exam. True to an assessment, this quiz is not about right or wrong answers, but an evaluation of your proficiency with the FileMaker Platform so that you understand the support options that will help get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

FileMaker users have access to a variety of resources to help them develop custom apps that will improve their workflows. There are blogs like FileMaker Pro Gurus and this one that share FileMaker tips, tricks and demos. The FileMaker Community is also a helpful platform where developers can post and respond to questions, share ideas and techniques and discuss trending topics among their peers. 

Choose Your Course

Training is another invaluable resource. The Support Group has designed a Core Curriculum of courses within the FileMaker Platform which consists of three classes that are taught over the span of four days. And again, in the spirit of customization, participants can choose the courses based on their individual needs, experience and learning style. We do follow a course outline to ensure that we cover specific functions, but our instructors adapt the in-class discussions and examples according to the areas of interest of the participants.

In a nutshell, the introductory course is ideal for users who are new to the FileMaker Platform altogether. The course covers basic database concepts and demonstrates how to apply them within the FileMaker environment. Users who are already familiar with FileMaker might find the course refreshing in terms of reinforcing best practices and demonstrating new features.

The intermediate course expands upon the basic concepts presented in the introductory course and is designed to help users elevate applications with sophistication and style. After completing this course you should be able to develop productive apps that are modern and intuitive.

The scripting course covers advanced functions of the FileMaker software. If speed and efficiency are important to your solution, then scripting will help you automate tasks. Technical skills are not required but are helpful as far as understanding concepts such as conditional logic, script triggers, looping, etc. Even if you're not a technical person, this course will make you aware of the software's capabilities and at the very least you'll learn when and/or how to ask for assistance.

I found the courses to be excellent as I thrive in small class sizes and would, and do, recommend the four-day program to anyone! My FileMaker skills have improved greatly and I am enhancing our existing database, slowly but surely. — Core Curriculum Participant

Whatever your learning style, our courses build on one another, but you certainly don't have to take the classes all at once. You have options depending on your location, budget and needs.

An Alternate Route

If you'd rather not go it alone, there are FileMaker consulting services available. The Support Group has experience building many different types of custom solutions for clients. We've integrated FileMaker solutions with common applications such as Eventbrite, Quickbooks, Shopify and Slack. We've even extended the capabilities of homegrown systems. If you're looking to hire a consultant, you'll want to do your homework when evaluating FileMaker consultants.

The Support Group also provides mentoring services and maintenance plans for occasional assistance with specific FileMaker functions, upgrades, integrations, etc. This option allows you work one-on-one with a Certified FileMaker Developer to enhance and optimize your applications. Feel free to contact us to learn more about these services.

You can use this assessment to help you decide which support services are most appropriate for you. FileMaker users should never feel alone or at a loss.  We are here to help!

If you're looking for a little fun, try our FileMaker Trivia app and see how well you know FileMaker.

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