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What Is Amazon Honeycode

What Is Amazon Honeycode

Amazon Honeycode is a no-code development platform that frees us from the shackles of spreadsheets. With good intentions, we set out to make ourselves more efficient and organized by putting all of our important data and complex workflows into a bunch of spreadsheets. This process may have worked for a while, but most of us eventually find that we can't shoehorn our unique and challenging businesses into a grid. This is where a no-code development platform like Honeycode comes in to help with a big lift.

Honeycode serves as a bridge between the flat land of spreadsheets and the open-air of custom applications. Honeycode simplifies the transition from traditional spreadsheets to modern custom apps by incorporating some of the elements that make spreadsheets attractive to users in the first place. You can find the familiar tables, columns, and cells in Honeycode. A new way of organizing your data will quickly become comfortable and liberating when you realize what Honeycode's small but powerful linking and filtering features can do. Things a spreadsheet can only pretend to do.

And, you won't be intimidated by Honeycode's calculation engine. You can leverage your existing in-depth knowledge of spreadsheet functions. But, you can take that further with Honeycode's powerful interface builder and workflow automation tools.

Let's put this into perspective a bit. Say you're a principal at a small project management consulting firm. You have several hard-working, smart folks all toiling away, helping your customers manage challenging projects. You know it's your role to make sure they're properly supported and given a chance to succeed. To that end, you've created a series of unrelated spreadsheets that are hosted on a shared drive so that everyone can access them. Whenever someone needs to update or look up data in these files, they open the spreadsheet and make the change or find what they need. Without any easy way to centrally control access, these files swiftly become more and more divergent. The column structures are probably inconsistent across the files. More likely than not, the columns are mismatched as they reflect a different logic from the others. Worse than that, reporting on what these files contain becomes a very complicated task requiring endless hours of review and oversight.

Here's where a no-code tool like Honeycode rides in to save the day. With Honeycode, you can consolidate disparate files into one app. Furthermore, you have control over the data, as in what data can be seen by whom and how it can be created and modified. So, instead of just storing data in a static grid, you can add workflows and notifications to your app when predetermined dates, actions or events occur. For example, you can schedule an email notification when one of your team members reaches a particular milestone on a project or you can display a warning when a task is overdue.

Honeycode can do all of this using tools that will feel very natural to anyone versed in creating calculations in a spreadsheet. Using Honeycode's simple but powerful interface tool for making screens, you can create good looking and intuitive ways for your team to enter their data and run reports. In short, Honeycode is your key to get out of spreadsheet jail.

Learn more about what Amazon Honeycode is and how it can benefit your organization. And, if you'd like to discuss how Honeycode can improve your workflows, don't hesitate to contact us.

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