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New Features in FileMaker 18

New Features in FileMaker 18

At DevCon last year, FileMaker, Inc. (FMI) announced their initiative to identify and promote a realistic category for the FileMaker Platform. They created the category Workplace Innovation Platform because current market categorizations such as low-code, no-code, PaaSS, etc. don’t accurately describe the FileMaker Platform.

The FileMaker Platform is more than just a backend development tool. It’s actually a full-stack development platform and therefore offers features and functions that address the end-users’ needs as well as the developer’s needs. Plus, it provides services for data storage and mobility.

Obviously, FileMaker 17 was a preview of their introduction of The Workplace Innovation Platform. FMI basically combined all of the individual products, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, etc. into one single product or more concisely, platform. In addition, product licenses include server space and cloud storage.

And now with FileMaker 18, it’s clear that FMI intently focuses on the developers. The FileMaker product engineers added features that specifically streamline usability and facilitate common functions of modern applications. After reviewing all of the features, we shared our experience and feedback on some of the intriguing new features.

Development Features

New Import Dialog: Intuitively map source data to your applications with the newly designed import functions.

New Calculation Functions: Prevent infinite calculations from locking your files with the new While and SetRecursion calculation functions.

Error Logging: Manage and troubleshoot problems automatically within your applications.

File-Based Script Steps: Read, write and manage data in external files for enhanced logging and export functions.

Save As XML: Easily compare changes and updates between different versions of your files.

Deployment Features

Security: Take advantage of UI enhancements, a new user privilege set, updates to file access and plug-in protection.

HTML-formatted emails: Incorporate special layout options and images into your application workflows.

Obscure Features: Distinguish product version, specify app on startup and shift 10x arrow.

We summarized these features in a handy infographic. Download our FileMaker 18 Platform infographic to keep a high-level overview of the tool right at your fingertips. Find more developer resources.


Download FileMaker 18 Infographic


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