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FileMaker Developer Conference 2019 In Review

FileMaker Developer Conference 2019 In Review

There was something in the air during the FileMaker Developer Conference this August in Orlando, Florida. It wasn't just the thick tropical humidity and joyful shrieks of kids drifting from one of the local theme parks. It was a sense of imminent change. Another clue that something big was afoot was the absence of FileMaker, Inc. logos on any of the signage or even the DevCon lanyards that hung from the necks of all the enthusiastic conference attendees. However, all the subtle clues did little to prepare us for what was announced the evening we arrived in the dark and crowded ballroom. Indeed, nothing short of a white-haired, mad scientist and a souped-up, flame-throwing DeLorean would have given it all away. When Brad Freitag, FileMaker’s…um, Claris’s newly minted CEO announced that the company was changing its name back to what it was called twenty or so years ago and that the FileMaker Platform was gaining a brand new sibling, we were all a bit overwhelmed.

Claris International Inc. replaces FileMaker, Inc. You may be wondering what's in a name. Well, in this case, it's not just an exercise in renaming a company in the hopes of refreshing an aging brand. It's a clarion call signaling a new direction and revitalized energy for both the existing FileMaker platform and a new product, they're calling Claris Connect. Learn more about the naming process from Ann Monroe, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Customer Success at Claris, Inc.

A new brand begs a new set of core values. These are the characteristics that now define Claris International Inc.

  • Advancing creative potential
  • Passionate
  • Future-focused
  • Agile
  • All in
Back to the Future

Claris Connect is the result of the acquisition of a product called Stamplay last year. Claris Connect is more than just the rebranding of somebody else's technology; it's the foundation Claris is using to create a brand new way for applications to integrate and interact with one another. The key here is automation. How helpful would it be if your email service provider was automatically notified and updated each time a new lead was closed in your cloud-based CRM? How much time could you save if you were automatically alerted within your ERP system that a vendor has shipped your much-needed supplies via their trucking company’s online app? The power of this tool will significantly enhance the way we develop and integrate applications. Eventually, you'll be able to combine the power of both Claris’s Connect and FileMaker programs and create something as useful as a record in your digital calendar when an invoice is paid. The possibilities are practically endless.

Throughout the conference, Claris employees exuded energy and enthusiasm – from Brad straight through the ranks of engineers, product managers and sales folks. It was downright infectious! Claris’s Cloud-First strategy and commitment to creating a native web experience for developers represent the company's forward-thinking goals. It's clear that only the name is from the past; the technology itself is all about the future.

If you missed the FileMaker Developer Conference 2019 keynotes, all of this must sound very confusing to you. You can view the keynotes and learn more about the exciting changes on Claris's YouTube channel.

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