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Hello FileMaker 16

Hello FileMaker 16

FileMaker 16 is here and the release of a new version of FileMaker and upgrades can cause mixed emotions - excitement, concern, confusion, stress, to name a few.

Our advice: take a deep breath and review this guide, which will explain what you can expect from FileMaker 16 and its new features. Then, feel free to drop us a line to discuss your custom applications.

There aren’t a lot of changes in terms of usability with FileMaker 16, but there are several exciting enhancements, such as Tableau Web Data Connector, print to PDF and the new Windows UI. We will discuss these enhancements in-depth in our Blog over the following weeks. Join our mailing list so that you don’t miss out on any important FileMaker updates, tips or features.

FileMaker 16 FAQ

FileMaker Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

But, before we talk about the new features of FileMaker 16, you might have some questions about the upgrade.

Q: Should I upgrade?

A: The answer really depends on your requirements. If you want to take full advantage of any or all of the new features, you will want to upgrade. If you are operating on a much older version of FileMaker, you might also want to consider upgrading. Another consideration is security. Obviously, the latest version of the software will provide the latest and greatest security features. If you’re concerned about your data security, we can review your settings and advise you accordingly.

Q: When should I upgrade?

A: For the most part, your FileMaker applications will not require an immediate upgrade. The basic core code of the program will not change in any significant way. So you have time to consider your options and we can certainly help.

Q: Do you offer training for FileMaker 16?

A: Yes, we expect FileMaker 16 training will be available by the fall. Nonetheless, because the enhancements are relatively advanced, our intro and intermediate courses will not change very much, if at all. Our advanced classes will definitely be adapted to include the cool features like Tableau Connector, Cards, Layout Objects Window, and more. Our curriculum is designed to maximize the user’s experience with the software at each level.

Q: What changes can I expect from FileMaker Go and WebDirect?

A: We’ve found that FileMaker Go might require an update in order to operate properly on your Apple devices if you install the latest version of iOS. FileMaker 16 will guarantee compatibility with iOS. Some older versions of FileMaker will not be supported because they are 32-bit apps.

And, we are pleased to see in increase in performance for WebDirect. Specifically, list views and summary views are optimized in this version. Most developers are excited about the FileMaker WebDirect PDF support.

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