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Webinar: Advanced Scripting and Calculations

Thanks to all who attended!  If you missed the webinar, or want to watch it again, download the recording (which requires the WebEx WRF Player).  You can also download the sample FileMaker file used in the presentation.

When it comes to FileMaker Pro, calculations and scripts are your tools to “make stuff happen.” In this webinar, sponsored by FileMaker, Inc. and based on our Advanced Scripting and Calculations class, we explore some techniques for building robust, feature-rich databases with complex calculations, powerful scripted automation, and elegant user interfaces. 

The Let() function and script variables allow you to make intricate code easier to understand, modify, and reuse. Script parameters and results make it possible to create dynamic scripts that can be used in multiple contexts. And we’ll see how designing scripts and calculations to enable “indirection” allows you to write code that can be easily copied from place to place—even from one file to another—and have it work immediately!

Download Webinar


Download Sample File


Here are some additional resources for FileMaker scripts:

And, there's a lot we can do via scripts:

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