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How to Create a Progress Bar in FileMaker Pro

We rely on indicators to let us know that a process is running. We can hear our engines running or see the timer ticking down on the microwave – all positive indications that something is working. Have you ever been on hold with no hold music or regular automated updates? It can be frustrating because you don't know if you're still in the queue or wasting your time. So it's good, virtually expected, to include a progress bar or an alert within a process in order to maintain engagement.

When you're developing applications, there are times when you want to let your users know the progress of a complex or lengthy workflow or halt further interactions until a background process is complete. Many applications we use every day keep us informed by displaying some sort of progress bar. Even smart phones and tablets display info as to how an update is proceeding or that they are busy starting up. Overall, progress bars help improve usability as well as the user's experience.

Leverage FileMaker 16 Features to Create a Progress Bar

There are no native tools to provide a progress bar within a FileMaker application, but there are plenty of tools we can use to create something very similar. Over the years FileMaker developers have used all sorts of methods such as plugins, overlays, web viewers and hide conditions to approximate a utility of a progress bar. Almost all of these methods provide amazing results. Nonetheless, we thought we'd give it a try utilizing some of the enhancements in FileMaker 16, specifically the exciting new Card window type as well as the new features included in the New Window script step.

View our demo on how to create a progress bar in FileMaker Pro and you can find more FileMaker tips and tricks on our Developer Resources page. 



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