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Running Totals in a Portal

Reader Deborah wites:

I want to get running totals or summaries in my portal rows for number fields. Also, I want my portal rows to show a row number in a “self” relationship portal (I tried the Get(PortalRowNumber) function and could not get it to work). Hope that you can help. Thanks!

Sure thing, Deborah!  First, let’s tackle the portal row numbers.  If all you’re trying to do is display row numbers, use the record number symbol, @@.  In Layout mode, you can use the Insert > Record Number Symbol menu command, or you can just type it using the text tool. Place that bit of text in the portal, and you’ll see your running count of records.

As for a running total, you’ll need to define a summary field in the same table as your number field.  When you create the summary field, choose Total of for for your summarizing option and choose the appropriate number field. Then, below the list of available fields, select the Running total option.  Place your new summary field in the portal, and voilà!

Here are some more cool and interesting things you can do with portals:

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