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FileMaker Go 5 Ways To Work

5 Ways FileMaker Go Creates Better Ways to Work

We are so excited that FileMaker Go has reached a major milestone — more than 3 million product downloads!  What a tremendous accomplishment and a true testament to its efficacy.

The Support Group appreciates our clients’ need for portable and accessible data; it's basically standard business practice these days. FileMaker Go makes it easy to manage inventory, timesheets, orders and forms on iPads and iPhones from anywhere, even when you are offline. We’ve been empowering our clients with FileMaker solutions for more than 30 years now and we’ve enhanced many of our solutions with FileMaker Go since it was released in 2010. FileMaker Go not only transfers the data to the mobile device, but it also adapts it for optimum usage and viewing.

Here are five unique FileMaker Go applications that we have the pleasure of implementing.

Animal Safety

Certified Animal Safety Representatives ™ from American Humane Hollywood’s legendary “No Animals Were Harmed®” program use FileMaker Go to record details about the safety and welfare of animals during film production at various set locations. The data syncs back to a FileMaker server for documentation, evaluation and storage.  The Certified Animal Safety Representatives ™ are able to complete forms and attach pictures and other documentation to each record.

Tour Reservations

Tour America provides sightseeing tours in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Amish Country. Their FileMaker Go system allows tour operators to book reservations, including last minute reservations, anytime and anywhere. The system also allows them to send confirmation emails and run reports. From an operations perspective, they are able to maximize reservations and seating arrangements for the tours, which in turn results in increased revenues.

Power Supply

A high voltage power line and fiber company, Pinnacle Power Services enables their field workers to view work requests real-time, track and log their field work progress, complete and submit required forms and capture pictures and coordinates while they are on-site through a FileMaker Go application. Since transitioning from handwritten forms to electronic forms, they’ve found their records to be more consistent, complete and accurate. The process itself is more streamlined since the data no longer has to be transcribed from paper to machine.

Cleaning Services

Pioneer Cleaning is a professional cleaning service based on Nantucket Island. They send their teams out to jobs equipped with iPads and FileMaker Go. The team leaders use their iPads, connected to the FileMaker Server to assemble the teams for each job, track hours on the job, and allocate the time for each member of the team. The data is in real-time and the team at the home office can quickly see time spent by each team member on the jobs and assemble reports of hours worked by job or team member. Previously, they collected timesheets from each team member and reconciled them by hand back at the office. That has been eliminated and now timesheets are instantly reconciled with the totals submitted from the job site by the team leaders.

FileMaker Development

We are not just experienced developers; we're a business. The Support Group's busy systems engineers rely on FileMaker Go to access client contact information when they're on the road. We also have a timesheet module so that tracking time and effort is easy enough to do on a daily basis.

The Support Group is excited about the new FileMaker Go features that are now available in FileMaker 16. We expect our clients to be especially attracted to the new animation and transition functions, enhanced signature capture and the streamlined security process and we look forward to creating better ways for them to work!

Congratulations, FileMaker Go!

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