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Printing “Records Being Browsed” by Default

From our Get ( Answers ) newsletter archives, updated for FileMaker 11:

Michael in Illinois asks: “When some users go to print a record the drop down print box will says ‘Current record’, while for others it says ‘Records being browsed’. Any idea how to make the latter the default? Is it a FileMaker setting?”

Well, Michael, when the Print command is selected, FileMaker uses the last choice made regarding these settings. So if the last print job you did was of the found set, the next time you print it will default to the found set. There’s no global FileMaker setting that you can select to make one or the other always the default.

If you want to take some extra steps, and have access to FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can simulate such functionality, on a file by file basis, using custom menus. FileMaker 11 makes this even easier than before:

In Manage Custom Menus, select the Custom Menus tab, and edit the File Copy menu.  Select the Print…menu item, and override its Action. From the list of available script steps, choose Print, then choose Specify print options.  Now you can choose Records being browsed.

Click OK repeatedly to make all your changes and exit to Manage Custom Menus dialog.  At the bottom of the dialog, set Custom Menu Set 1 as the default menu for this file.

Now, whenever you choose the Print… command, whether from the menu or a keyboard shortcut, the optionRecords being browsed will be selected by default, regardless of what you chose before.

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