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Prepaid, Discounted FileMaker Consulting

A number of clients have recently signed up for or renewed their Sapphire Maintenance Plan, and in talking about it, we realized that it’s not as well known as some of our other offerings.  It’s an annual service and support agreement that provides you with ongoing access to a team of expert FileMaker Certified developers at a reduced rate.

Our plans are geared towards FileMaker users who expect to need adjustments to their system multiple times a year and are willing to buy a block of hours in return for a discount.  Very often, they don’t yet know exactly what they will do with those hours, but they do know that their FileMaker system is an important part of their operations and they want to keep it updated and even expand it as the business grows and changes.  Additionally, with many companies and schools facing a June 30th fiscal year-end, we’re finding some have unspent budget money they would like to use now for FileMaker services in the coming year.  Hours purchased at a discount through the plan can be used for any of our FileMaker services such as design, development, and one-on-one mentoring.

Our Sapphire Maintenance Plan starts at about $3K because we tried to make it a low cost option for people who are not sure how much work they may have.  So if you’d like to have FileMaker consulting services “tucked away” for when you need them, please ask us about it.

We enjoy sharing our thoughts on how to improve business workflows and optimize the performance of business applications. Check out our App Development Resources page to find more FileMaker tips, tricks and demos. We also offer FileMaker Training workshops and other support services to help you enhance your design and development skills. 

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