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Finding and Sorting Your Data

Tuesday, February 9, 2010, Chad Novotny presented Finding and Sorting Your Data, a webinar hosted by FileMaker, Inc.  You can download the video (which requires the WebEx WRF Player), as well as the sample FileMaker file used in the presentation. This file is best used with FileMaker Pro 10 or later. Not all aspects of the file will work in earlier versions of FileMaker Pro. We hope you find this webinar informative and useful.

Web Seminar Description

You have a FileMaker database that has a lot of valuable information. Now learn ways to access it faster and more accurately. FileMaker offers tons of powerful features and shortcuts that give you more efficient ways to locate records in your database. You can perform complex searches using multiple criteria, refine or extend your results, use operators such as =, >, <, *, … and store your criteria to search your data again and again. Unlimited sorting options let you view your records in the order you want. Learn them all!

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Download Sample File
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