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The Great Debate: Mac or PC with FileMaker Pro?

We are an office divided, Mac or PC. Some of us prefer to do our FileMaker development on Macs and others prefer PCs. We are given the option to choose our systems when we join The Support Group and many other organizations probably pose the same question to new hires. FileMaker, Inc. is an Apple subsidiary and FileMaker Pro works just as well on PCs as it does on Macs. Some menus might look a little different, but the functionality is all the same. FileMaker 16 actually goes a long way to achieve parity between the two systems. The new interface in FileMaker 16 allows Windows users to interact with the program as if in a typical Windows environment. Windows users are able to remove menus in order to maximize screen real estate and use multiple monitors when developing custom applications in the latest version of FileMaker Pro.

There was a time when there was no question; you automatically sat down to a PC at your desk on your first day of work. And that was to be expected, after all, your resume highlighted your Microsoft Office skills. If you worked at an advertising agency years ago, you might have noticed that the creative designers had two computers, a Mac and a PC at their desks. Generally, the Mac was used for all of their client work and the PC was there so that they could respond to emails, manage timesheets and do other office-related tasks.

Preference is the New Power

Years ago preference was irrelevant; software requirements, compatibility, cost and security largely dictated the system that you used. That is not the case today. We've had our share of inter-office musings over computer system preferences and no one side really wins because it all comes down to personal preference. We're human and we generally like to stay within our comfort zones. Trying something new might be too confusing or time-consuming so we're better off sticking with what we know. The good news is that technology easily accommodates a variety of applications, formats and devices. In our office, not only do our computers look different, but we also use different email programs, some of us stand at our desks and we like different toppings on our pizza. Rich supports all of our individual idiosyncrasies.

Incidentally, the FileMaker platform is no exception to this paradigm. Not only does FileMaker work seamlessly on Macs and PCs, but it is also accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices and all types of Web browsers thanks to the power of FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. The ability for users to choose their preferred computer systems, platforms, programs and even pizza empowers us to work more efficiently and collaboratively than ever before.

Let us know which one you prefer.


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