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FileMaker 2024: AI Integrations

Perhaps the most anticipated new features in FileMaker 2024 are the advanced integrations using artificial intelligence.  Users can leverage their existing data in new ways with these AI capabilities: query data using natural language through the new semantic search feature, improve workflow efficiency with AI, and gain new insights and trends with company data. One of the main goals of using a database is to turn your data into information, and these new AI abilities can allow you to greatly expand the amount of information you can gain from your data.


Model Integrations

FileMaker 2024 introduces several new native AI Script steps aimed at enhancing model integrations and leveraging AI capabilities more effectively. Claris has embedded a few models directly into the product and also allows you to connect to popular online large language models (LLMs) as well.  These updates are designed to streamline the integration of AI into FileMaker applications, help protect your sensitive data, and provide users with new tools to optimize their workflows and gain deeper insights from and into their data.


Semantic Search

This powerful new feature improves data querying capabilities using AI.  It allows users to type in natural language text to perform searches based on the meaning of their queries rather than just matching text.  This is achieved by using LLMs to create vector embeddings of the data.  These vector embeddings are numerical representations of the meaning and context of the data.  This advancement allows users to interact with and extract value from their data in new, innovative ways.


AI Model Support

This newest release of FileMaker welcomes new capabilities that support both public and local built-in AI models, providing users with enhanced control over data security and privacy.  Users can integrate public AI models via APIs, enabling access to powerful, cloud-based AI services.  Alternatively, FileMaker 2024 supports local AI models, allowing users to keep sensitive data within their own infrastructure.  This gives users the flexibility to choose the best approach for their specific needs, balancing performance, security, and privacy requirements.


Artificial intelligence is here to stay and FileMaker 2024 has made significant strides in leveraging this powerful tool.  If you’re interested in exploring how integrating AI can improve your FileMaker application, contact The Support Group.

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