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Why Use FileMaker? Total Cost of Ownership and ROI

Is FileMaker better than other popular environments like MS SQL Server, Oracle Database Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Enterprise Edition?

Check out the free white paper from FileMaker, Inc., Supercharging Return on Investment with Rapid Application Development Tools - Total Cost of Ownership.  It details just how much better FileMaker Pro is than those other competing platforms in two critical areas: Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.

For those of us who use FileMaker regularly, it’s clear how building 

solutions in FileMaker is faster, easier, and lower-cost than those environments.  FileMaker’s white paper covers important topics such as:

  • Faster Development Cycles
  • Codeless Application Creation
  • Integrated Design Environment
  • Reduced Training Requirements
  • Integrated Database
  • Multiple External Database Connectors
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Simplified Administration
  • Integrated Maintenance Tools
  • Integrated Support for Web-Based Applications

Check it out.  And please, share it with others on your staff to show them just how much time and money is saved when you choose FileMaker!

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