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Spreadsheet Alternative: Google App Maker

Spreadsheet Alternative: Google App Maker

We all juggle many different tasks during our workday – emails, phone calls, meetings, reports – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There's barely any time to be productive when you have to process those emails, phone calls, meetings, reports, etc. and turn them into actionable – ideally profitable – work.

The constant pressure to do more with less demands focus on where we can find inefficiencies and turn them into improved productivity. One of the dark holes is the omnipresent spreadsheet. We all use them. It might be Excel or Google Sheets, but you have them sitting on your desktop and spitting out of your printer. We use them to track everything, but should we?

We've been conditioned to do most of our work in tables. We organize our to-do lists in a spreadsheet. Our contacts are stored in a spreadsheet. We try to integrate data via spreadsheets. But, spreadsheets aren't actually designed to process data in these ways. They are primarily used for calculations so they are most appropriate for accounting and finance functions. When we use spreadsheets out of context, it can lead to problems. Spreadsheets can actually impede productivity, accuracy and security.

  • Are people in other departments begging for information that you can’t provide in the format they want?
  • Are you sick of emailing coworkers for the “latest version” of the spreadsheet so you have the latest numbers?
  • Are your spreadsheet files too large to share via email?
  • Are your sheets susceptible to broken formulas and macros?
  • Are you tired of the repetitive data entry?
  • Is your data siloed from the rest of your company’s operating platforms?
  • What happens when Joe in Sales is on vacation and he’s the only one with access to the revenue numbers that you need today?
Spreadsheet Purgatory

If these pain points feel familiar, it’s time for another solution – possibly a database solution. You wouldn't use a hammer to change a tire, would you? When you use the right tools for the task, you'll find that you actually save time and improve productivity. Use a project management tool to handle your tasks. Use a CRM to manage your customers. There are plenty of off-the-shelf tools that can you use, but they don't always work the way you work or integrate seamlessly with your other systems. That's where a custom application – one that you create specifically to meet your business needs – comes in very handy.

Most businesses don't operate on isolated events. It's better when a sale can be linked to a specific customer in order to send a follow-up message. And, wouldn't be great if that same sale is recorded appropriately within the accounting and finance systems for tax and budgeting purposes? Oh, don't forget to give credit to the salesperson who booked the sale in the first place. Imagine if one event automatically triggered a series of important data entries. You don't have to imagine it, you can create it.

If your organization subscribes to Google’s Business, Enterprise or Education G Suite edition, you have a solution at your fingertips. Google App Maker is part of the G Suite platform that:

  • Transforms your Sheets into an application that can easily be shared with coworkers
  • Provides insight that spreadsheets just can’t provide
  • Connects with other services used within your organization
  • Allows you to see your data anytime, anywhere

Sounds a little better than spreadsheets hell, right? And, it's not too difficult or time-consuming to do;  meet Google App Maker and take a look at our simple example.

If you’re ready to take your critical information out of tables and into an efficient, secure, productive platform, contact us and we’ll help you build an App Maker solution that will improve your workflows.

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