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New Functions in FileMaker Pro 11

FileMaker Pro 11 introduces three new functions: Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName), Get(AccountExtendedPrivileges), and Get(QuickFindText).  Get(QuickFindText) obviously returns the contents of the Quick Find field in the status toolbar; its main use will be in scripts for custom menus that override the default Quick Find behavior.  But those first two… didn’t we already have Get(PrivilegeSetName) and Get(ExtendedPrivileges)?  Those are still there as well, renamed as Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName) and Get(CurrentExtendedPrivileges).

Inside of a script that has been set to run with full access privileges, these earlier functions return [Full Access] and the corresponding extended privileges, not those of the account the user actually used to log in.  In FileMaker 10 and earlier, if you need a script to run with full access but also need to check a users privilege set, you have to first run another script (that does not run with full access) and capture their information in a global field or variable.  You can now avoid those extra steps with the new Get(Account…) functions. And, except during a full access script, the two sets of functions will return the same results.

Note that, when you open an existing file in FileMaker Pro 11, uses of Get(PrivilegeSetName) and Get(ExtendedPrivileges) will be converted to the new names.  But if you copy and paste calculation formulas from a website or text file, or anywhere else the old name is used as actual text (for example, a formula that says Evaluate( “Get(PrivilegeSetName)” ) ), FileMaker 11 will tell you “This parameter is an invalid Get function parameter” (error code 1215, for the curious).

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