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FileMaker Training Series: Advanced Training for FileMaker 12

The Support Group is excited to announce our new Advanced FileMaker classes for FileMaker 12, using the FileMaker Training Series!

The Support Group’s Advanced FileMaker I and Advanced FileMaker II classes are arranged as two separate, two-day sessions. Scheduled back-to-back to make it convenient to attend both, our Advanced training will immerse you in the essential information you need to be highly proficient in FileMaker and helps prepare you for the FileMaker 12 Certification exam by covering a number of advanced topics. These classes are taught by experienced FileMaker Authorized Trainers who themselves are also FileMaker Certified Developers.

These classes will build on your current knowledge of FileMaker Pro and take you to a higher level. Advanced FileMaker I focuses on data modeling, fields and calculations, and advanced development techniques. You’ll learn how to build more robust, feature-rich databases by learning about the Relationship Graph and complex relationships, logical and aggregate functions, managed container storage, and filtered portals. Plus, we’ll cover tips and techniques that will shave hours off your development time.

Advanced FileMaker II focuses on scripting, reporting, security, and FileMaker Server.  In Advanced FileMaker II, you’ll learn how to build more robust, feature-rich databases by learning about script triggers, script parameters and results, window management, advanced sub-summary reports, and charting. You’ll also learn ways to implement your organization’s security needs and configure FileMaker Server for performance and backups.

The Support Group’s Advanced FileMaker class schedule is now available for all of our training locations in our Boston, New York and San Francisco offices. To learn more, check out the course descriptions for Advanced FileMaker I and Advanced FileMaker II or register online now.

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