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FileMaker Pro Warrior: Nancy Rodriguez

FileMaker Pro Warrior: Nancy Rodriguez

After graduating with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Application Software Development from Morrisville State College, I responded to a job posting for a Database Manager position and the job description mentioned SQL Server and a word I never heard before, FileMaker. I always rise to the occasion so I figured I could learn another database programming language relatively easily. During the interview, I repeatedly referred to FileMaker as “FilmMaker.” Fortunately, Sessions College of Professional Design took a chance on me and within a week I was introduced to their multi-file spider web of a system! Unlike traditional database programs, I found FileMaker Pro easy to use and I loved how quickly I could develop solutions.

I enjoy teamwork – the thrill of brainstorming new/different ideas with my peers and working on different projects together. In an effort to pursue that, I joined The Support Group as a Developer and worked my up to Systems Engineer from there.

The Battle Within

I was intimidated when I entered the technology field. I felt like a misfit because I didn’t look or talk like my peers. And then one of my very wise professors told me that was exactly why he thought I would succeed in the field. Sometimes a fresh/different perspective is needed to find solutions. It’s not always easy for users to express what they want to techies. I seem to have the unique ability to actively listen to clients and translate their needs into technical solutions. His advice encouraged me to persevere and now that’s what I do every day.

One of the many features I appreciate about the FileMaker platform is that it allows developers to be creative within a space that is usually black and white (zeros and ones). I approach each project with a blank canvas and my FileMaker Pro knowledge and experience are my paint. 


Cross Swords

I think organizations that take advantage of all the FileMaker platform capabilities realize the greatest improvement in productivity. Oftentimes my clients don’t understand that they can expect more from their systems – that it's not unrealistic for one person to enter inventory on a tablet, while someone else is processing orders on a desktop as a customer is verifying a purchase on a cell phone. The possibilities are virtually endless!

If your FileMaker system does not fulfill your needs, it may be that it is not designed properly. I’ve seen many a system where the design did not match the intent. It’s amazing how quickly a fail can turn into a win with the right amount of attention and skill.

Being a Systems Engineer is ideal for me because I can collaborate, create and build relationships. It still surprises me when I see how companies in the same industry manage their information and processes differently. So there’s always something unique about how we design each system, which keeps my work interesting. I also like custom app projects that allow me to exercise my prowess with new and emerging technologies like FileMaker Go and Custom Web Publishing. I appreciate the sophistication, innovation and elegance they lend to a project.

My Achilles’ Heel

My most important job is not one for which education or experience ever prepared me. I’m a mother of three brilliant little ones. We are proud members of a large, loud and loving Puerto Rican family whose closeness and support I would be lost without. My other weakness is television. I’m addicted to Game of Thrones and one day I fear that my family is going to stage an intervention.

If you want to swap FileMaker war stories, feel free to contact me. 


Feature photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash


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