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FileMaker Pro 17 New File Export Features

FileMaker 17 New File Export Features

Here's the situation: you're showing your new custom app to a client, boss or colleague and you're proud of the way it can send an email directly from the app. This allows users to leverage all the data stored within it - pretty powerful! But then they ask if they can email more than one attachment because the weekly sales progress report includes three PDF files. Deflated, you hang your head and explain that FileMaker Pro only supports one attachment per email. That used to take the wind right out of your sails until the new FileMaker 17 Platform came along and offered the option to attach multiple files to an email message...

FileMaker Pro 17 Multiple eMail Attachments

You can invoke this option manually during the Send Mail process or you can program it using the calculation engine in FileMaker 17, just as you would any other file importing/exporting step. 

Since we're talking about the file exporting capabilities in FileMaker 17, we have to mention its ability to create directories during any file saving action. Let's say you've just created this slick report that your team can use to guide the daily project scrum meeting. Simply by clicking a button, you can save a PDF of the report directly on your desktop. However, you don’t want to clutter your desktop with a bunch of files, so instead, you have FileMaker 17 save it in a folder aptly called “Daily Scrum.” That works well until someone else wants to run and save the report to their desktop. Because this folder does not exist on the new desktop and the computer is running an old version of FileMaker Pro, you get this kooky, undecipherable dialog:

FileMaker Pro error message

Well with FileMaker 17, if the folder isn’t there, it will automagically create it! All you have to do is specify the “Create directories: On” option located on all the export/save file script steps.

FileMaker Pro 17 Create directories on

Watch the demo

There are a lot of cool new features in FileMaker 17. If you would like to upgrade to FileMaker 17, let's chat!

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