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FileMaker 11 Training and Certification

It’s official: Certification and the FileMaker Training Series are now available for FileMaker 11!

Becoming a FileMaker 11 Certified Developer demonstrates your experience and expertise to employers, clients, and members of the FileMaker community.  For us at The Support Group, it’s essential as platinum level members of the FileMaker Business Alliance and Authorized Trainers.  FileMaker’s website offers steps to getting certified and a FAQ.  Registration and administration of the exam is handled by Prometric.

The best way to get ready for the certification test is to develop, develop, develop!  Nothing is better preparation than actual experience building solutions and working with the FileMaker product line.  After that, training is extremely helpful to fill in any gaps in your skills.  We recommend both our advanced training classes and the FileMaker Training Series.

With our advanced classes, Relational Database Design, Scripting and Calculations, and Power Scripting, we cover the essentials of FileMaker database design at the developer skill level.  The Server and Web Publishing modules of the FileMaker Training Series allow you to get hands-on with FileMaker Server 11 Advanced, IWP, and the PHP site assistant.

Good luck!

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