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DevCon Webinar: FileMaker and Google Apps

DevCon is over; summer vacations are finally wrapped up.

Back in July, I presented a preview webinar of one of my DevCon presentations: FileMaker and the Cloud: Integrating with Google Apps.  We are now making that webinar recording available, as well as making the sample file available for download.

A few things to make note of:

  • The sample file is actually the one I used at DevCon, instead of the abridged one used in this preview webinar. So it looks a little different, and includes the extra material I covered in the DevCon session, but all the same scripts and custom functions are in there.
  • The file uses ScriptMaster from 360works, and compiles Groovy scripts as external functions. If you decide to use a different plug-in for HTTP requests, you’ll need to make changes to all references to the ScriptMaster functions in the scripts.
  • The custom functions for parsing XML are fairly complex. But what did you expect?

The webinar requires the requires the WebEx WRF Player.

Download Webinar


Download Sample File


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